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To participate by phone in the Church Services at
1st Church of Christ, Scientist, Richardson, TX

You can call in as early as 10 minutes before a service starts.

Call: 605-475-5900
(It’s a long-distance number, so dial 1-605 if not using a cell phone or a
phone service with free long-distance calling.)

When asked, enter the Access Code: 770706#
The voice may repeat the code you entered and ask if it’s correct.
If correct, press “1”.
The voice will then ask you to state your name, followed by the # sign.
You do not have to state your name – just press #.
You are then connected.

Un-muting your phone to speak:
The system automatically mutes all phone, so any noise you make will not be
heard at church or by other callers.
On Sundays: The system will not let you unmute your phone.
On Wednesdays: You can unmute your phone, if you want to give a testimony, by
pressing *6 (the “star” key before the 6 is important). After giving a
testimony, press *6 again – to re-mute your phone.

Sometimes your call may be full of static, or you’re suddenly cut off. That’s
usually a line problem – just call back. Sometimes when the organ plays,
there’s static. Just bear with it – we’re working on solutions to that one!
Music never can be heard as clearly as spoken words.



First Church of Christ, Scientist Richardson

100 St. Lukes Dr.

Richardson, TX 75080


Sunday Services: 10am

Sunday School: 10am

Wednesday Testimony

Meeting:  7:30pm